Pablo escobar

Pablo Escobar
When the name comes to our minds, we think of someone that causes peril like murder, drug trafficking, cocaine addict and so many unpleasant things.
All these are deserved name considering Escobar’s bad record.
But one thing u can’t take away from this middle-aged man is his brilliant business strategies, intelligence and superior business coordination.
Pablo Escobar rose from the middle class of simplicity and obscurity to one of the world’s wealthiest men.
At the peak of his power and prominence, Pablo was making a whooping amount of 70million$ dollars per day, which makes it roughly 26billion$ per month.
You might be wondering how Pablo became this successfully, and I will like to share his business strategies which made him distinctively successful with you:

1. Pablo promoted his business overwhelmingly
before he started his drug trade, pablo went far and wide to advertise his cocaine products and boasted a superior cocaine taste compared to other cartels.
This step made him gain a lot of trust .

2. Pablo believed you have to spend money to make money:
Escobar often said “Money buys money”.Pablo believed to make good money, you need to spend good money. Always start a business big.

3.Pablo never believed education determine one’s success:
Pablo believed anyone can be successful without going to school.
He believed in getting direct tutoring from the godfathers in the business, and he was confident that such professionals was all he needed to be a hit.
He gained enough Intel to be a mega hit on his own.

4.pablo claimed that a business with no loss is totally impossible:
One has to make mistakes to be successful.
pablo lost millions weekly due to causes beyond him.
but learnt from them and made sure he made enough to cover for his losses..he was disheartened for once..or gave up due to his lost.

5.pablo also upheld d diversification strategy.
he never believed in one path, he dived into coca trade to apart from his cocaine business.. So there should always b diversification of businesses so as to ensure maximum profits.

There’s so much to learn from Pablo escobar’s business idea.. More to follow…




Sarcasm is a very common word in our society today. It’s a word despite it’s meaning been known, remains an act still done from time to time.Now, what exactly is the meaning of sarcasm?

Simply put, sarcasm is an insincere form of politeness which is used to offend ones interlocutor and its usually included as a form of joke or source of humor. Sarcasm, whatever form it might be is never spoken with a good intention. It might be used in an indirect manner, and have the form of irony. For example, it might come in a form like “What a fine musician you turned out to be” or ”Its like you are a whole different person now” and many other forms.

In psychology, sarcasm is looked upon very negatively, particularly noting that sarcasm tends to be a maladaptive way of venting unresolved anger or frustrations through disguised jokes or humor. A psychologist describes sarcasm as “hostility disguised as humor”. These shows psychologists disgust the use of sarcasm and reveal that it has a very negative psychological effect on its victims.

Recently a 10yr old black american boy named frankie was found dead in kentucky America. A suicide note written by him, found beside the bathtub where his body was found. Written in it were the sarcastic comments spoken by his classmates to him because of a rare brain disorder frankie was suffering from. Sadly his mum developed hypertension as a result of the incident.

All what happened to Frankie and his family was as a result of the stinging emotional pain caused by sarcasm.Sarcasm is thought to be harmless fun, but the after effects it has on ones emotions and feelings are unfathomable and therefore has to be completely avoided. A society with love and forgiveness is all that’s needed so everyone can have a clean, well-meaning and lovely sense of humor.

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